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What We Offer:·

  • Murder Mysteries for Parties and Fundraisers
  • Quiz Nights
  • Characters & Celebrity Impersonators for Any Event
  • Party Planning Services & Invitations
  • Theatrical Production
  • Teddy Roosevelt Speaks!

Murder Mysteries for Parties and Fundraisers

Let us entertain the snot out of you with a custom-produced comedy murder mystery for your event. These are great for company parties, fundraisers, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, clam bakes, and more.  You name it and we can do it.  For twenty-five to five-hundred people (or more!), we can provide a comedy murder mystery that will make everyone laugh.  For detailed information, see our What We Do page

Quiz Nights

Invite us to your home or business for a Comedy Quiz Night that’s sure to amuse and educate.  The loveable, yet backwards Adrian Wappkapplitt offers to let you “Win What’s In Adrian’s Pocket” with an organized and entertaining quiz competition that gets everyone involved.   We can customize your quiz night for specific subject matter.  Do you have new policies or procedures in your workplace? Imagine making learning fun for your staff with a quiz program!  Call Brian at (810) 845-0132 for further information or email us at info@comedymurdermysteries.com

Characters and Celebrity Impersonators

Do you need costumed actors to greet people?  Do you want to add a little spice to an event with a celebrity on hand?  Call or email Brian.  He’s got you covered.  (810) 845-0132 or info@comedymurdermysteries.com.

Party Planning Services

Want to throw a murder mystery party (or other party) but don’t know where to start?  Employ us as your full-service event planners.  We can arrange a location, catering, design, print, and send out invitations, advertise . . . . anything you want.  Call or email Shelly at (810) 845-0131 or info@comedymurdermysteries.com

Theatrical Production

We offer full-scale theatrical productions.   If you’re having a conference or event and would like a play to entertain your guests, we can, in consultation with you, produce one.  Let’s talk.  (810) 845-0132 or email us at info@comedymurdermysteries.com

Teddy Roosevelt Speaks

This entertaining look at the life of President Theodore Rooseveltis perfect for political events, historical societies, museums, and schools.This warmhearted one-man-show focuses on one of our most interesting historical figures.  Contact us to join the waiting list for this can’t miss production.  (810) 845-0132 or visit TeddyRooseveltSpeaks.Com